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At Daruma 4.4 Nikaitei, you can enjoy the taste of charcoal grill just like any other store, but walk out with minimal BBQ smell attach to your clothes/hair. This is made possible with our exhaust ventilation system that uses an advanced smoke ventilation technology.

<Genghis Khan Daruma> would like to say a BIG THANK YOU to all of our customers for supporting us over past 70 years!We are open daily with the goal of remaining “Unchanged” for those who come to enjoy the taste of this long-established restaurant.We will also keep providing fresh mutton with our in-house secret blend sauce for the enjoyment and peace of mind of all our customers.Whether you’re visiting us for the first time or returning guest, we will be looking forward to see you soon.

Genghis Khan Daruma 4.4 Nikaitei Informations

Genghis Khan Daruma 4.4 Nikaitei
No reservations available
2F, South 4 West 4, Chuoku, Sappro, Hokkaido
17:00~23:00 (L.O.22:30)
Open all year round (Except for new years holidays 31 Dec to 2 Jan)
Payment method
Cards accepted
Electronic money is not available

Genghis Khan Daruma 4.4 Nikaitei Seating/ facility information

Seating capacity
Exclusive use
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Mr. sde

Also popular with tourists.


This restaurant is popular not only with locals but also with tourists other than Hokkaido residents. The meat is tender and the beer goes well. It’s always crowded and open until 3pm, so it’s best to go during off-peak hours.

Mr. Yuichi

I visited there the other day.


I visited the other day based on my memory of how delicious it was 10 years ago. When I got there before the store opened, there was already a line. The meat is delicious, but the Hokkaido vegetables are also delicious. This is a store I would like to visit again.

Miss. Ichika

Thick and quite tasty


The fresh mutton, ordered refrigerated, is smooth, thick, and very tasty. Also, the sauce is apparently homemade, which brings out the flavor of the meat.

Mr. Sasaki

It goes well with beer and rice.


Although it is a long-established store, I was impressed by the temperature checks and disinfection upon entering the store. Each seat was separated by acrylic partitions and thorough measures were taken to prevent droplet infection.

The Genghis Khan here is not raw lamb but raw mutton. Unlike regular mutton, it doesn’t smell at all. It goes well with beer and rice.