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Daruma 5.5 is newly opened in October 2017.We use high-quality, grain-fed mutton meat with hardly any odor and characterized by tender lean meat and refreshing fatty portions. When grilled in a Charcoal grill, it emits a scent so sweet and the mixture of juicy meat tasty home-made sauce spread in your mouth.

We also have a complete smoke exhaust system and large lockers available! All seats are non-smoking.

Genghis Khan Daruma 5.5 Information

Genghis Khan Daruma 5.5
No reservations available
South 5 West 5, Chuoku, Sappro, Hokkaido
17:00~05:00 (L.O.04:30)
Open all year round (Except for new year’s holidays 31 Dec to 2 Jan)
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Genghis Khan Daruma Main Store | Seating・facility

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Mr. Mook

A shop that is easy to visit even by yourself


It has a gentle meat taste, so even those who are reluctant to eat Genghis Khan should give it a try. There are only counter seats, so even one person can order meat.

At first, the staff will put the vegetables on the plate for you, but then you’ll grill them yourself, so it’s a restaurant that’s easy to visit even by yourself.


Each piece of Genghis Khan is large.


It was my first time visiting. Please choose the type of meat from limited quantity special white kami, fillet, and Genghis Khan. This time I tried “Genghis Khan”.

After the meat, onions and green onions were placed on the iron plate. Each piece of Genghis Khan is large, so you will need to cut it yourself with scissors.

Mr. Lucky

The vegetables were very delicious


There was a line in front of the store, and I thought it was a busy store. As a result, I was able to enter the store in about 15 minutes. The meat in Genghis Khan was delicious, but the vegetables that soaked up the juices from the edges of the pot were even more delicious. We also took into consideration the shape of the pot.

Mr. Masaru Saito

Very satisfied


I had planned to go early, but ended up overslept and arrived just after 8am. I was able to enter the store after waiting for an hour in the cold rain. What I thought was innovative was that by the time we were seated, the vegetables were already starting to grill! I had all three types of meat: two pieces of Genghis Khan, top Genghis Khan, and fillet, and ordered kimchi and grilled seaweed as snacks. This is a combination that goes well with draft beer. To finish off my meal with ochazuke, I order tea from Rice Elementary School. Then, I finished the dish with ochazuke, which was soaked in the meat juices. I left the store very satisfied.