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Daruma 6.4 located at Minami6-jo, Nishi4-chome in Susukino differs from the Main store with its spacious interior design featuring a curved counter instead of the U shape counter. The familiar Daruma style Shichirin(七輪)” and dome shaped grill are made just like the main store.

Additionally, while the main branch serves “Kirin Ichiban Shibori” beer, at the Daruma6.4, we serve “Sapporo Classic” beer. You can enjoy Genghis Khan (Mongolian-style Mutton BBQ) with a different beer.

Other menu items can be enjoyed with the same taste and price as the Main store.We look forward to seeing you soon!

Open all year round(Except for new year’s holidays 31 Dec to 2 Jan).

Genghis Khan Daruma 6.4 Information

Genghis Khan Daruma 6.4
No reservations available
Noguchi Bldg 1F, South 6 West 4, Chuoku, Sappro, Hokkaido
17:00 ~ Next day 5:00 (L.O.4:30)
Open all year round(Except for new year’s holidays 31 Dec to 2 Jan).
Payment method
Cards accepted
Electronic money is not available

Genghis Khan Daruma 6.4 | Seating・facility information

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Mr. Hussie

Eat as much as you like.


Daruma meat is delicious! I like it because I can eat deliciously to my heart’s content. I can eat as much as I want. Although they say they use mutton, there was no taste and it was delicious till the end.


I want to go again


It was delicious, but the fumes from Genghis Khan were so thick that even Febreze couldn’t remove it (lol).But I want to go again.


Beer compatibility ◎


I went there late, and there was a line outside the store. There were not only locals but also many tourists looking for Daruma.

The meat has no odor and is tender. The sauce was also very tasty and went well with beer.

Mr. Dramil

This is the Daruma style!


It is a pioneer of the Genghis Khan boom in Hokkaido, and is always popular with many customers. What surprised me was that without saying a word, they put mutton fat and vegetables on the shichirin nabe and placed a plate of meat next to it. Is this the Daruma style? I tried it and thought it was delicious! The concept of Genghis Khan has been overturned.