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Daruma 4.4 located at Minami 4-jo 4-chome in Susukino. Might be the most accessible store compared to the main store and the Daruma 6.4 , as it is closest to the Susukino subway station and situated behind of Cocono Susukino, one of the largest shopping centers in susukino area.

Additionally, Daruma 4.4 offers a different beer selection compared to the Main store and Daruma 6.4.At the Daruma4.4, we serve “Asahi Super Dry”!

<Genghis Khan Daruma> would like to say a BIG THANK YOU to all of our customers for supporting us over past 70 years!We are open daily with the goal of remaining “Unchanged” for those who come to enjoy the taste of this long-established restaurant.We will also keep providing fresh mutton with our in-house secret blend sauce for the enjoyment and peace of mind of all our customers.

Whether you’re visiting us for the first time or returning guest, we will be looking forward to see you soon.

Open all year round(Except for new year’s holidays 31Dec to 2Jan)

Genghis Khan Daruma 4.4 Informations

Genghis Khan Daruma 4.4
No reservations available
1F, South 4 West 4, Chuoku, Sapporo, Hokkaido
11:30~23:30(from January 14,2024)
Open all year round(Except for new year’s holidays 31Dec to 2Jan)
Payment method
Cards accepted
Electronic money is not available

Genghis Khan Daruma 4.4 | Seating/ facility information

Seating capacity
Exclusive use
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Mrs. Kanna

The most delicious Genghis Khan restaurant in Japan


I think this is the most delicious Genghis Khan restaurant in Japan. It doesn’t have the characteristic odor of mutton, and when you bite into it, the juices spread throughout your mouth. At the end of your meal, we recommend adding rice, soup, and hot tea to make ochazuke. There’s always a line, but I think it’s worth waiting in line for an hour.

Mr. Kenso

Handmade dipping sauce by the landlady


The thick lamb had a good balance of fat and lean meat, and even I, who don’t like fat, enjoyed it. The dipping sauce made by the hostess was also delicious.

Mr. hqa

Rest your chopsticks with sweet kimchi


The meat has no odor and is thick, making it easy to drink beer. The kimchi is said to be handmade by the proprietress, and is a sweet kimchi that goes well with both chopsticks and Genghis Khan.


Representative Genghis Khan restaurant with long lines


We lined up an hour after the store opened! I was able to enter the store in about an hour. First, draft beer! Vegetables were arranged on the seven wheels in front of me, and the meat was served right away! In the end, the two of us ate 4 dishes. There are only counter seats, so it was impressive to see the staff making the charcoal right in front of me and putting it in each stove, sweating and looking very serious. I think this is a representative Genghis Khan restaurant that is worth lining up for.