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  • An unchanged taste
  • Genghis Khan Daruma
  • Since1954 in Susukino
ジンギスカン だるま

<Genghis Khan Daruma> would like to say a BIG THANK YOU to all of our customers for supporting us over past 68 years!

We are open daily with the goal of remaining “Unchanged” for those who come to enjoy the taste of this long-established restaurant.

We will also keep providing fresh mutton with our in-house secret blend sauce for the enjoyment and peace of mind of all our customers.

Whether you’re visiting us for the first time or returning guest, we will be looking forward to see you soon.

Daruma style Genghis Khan

ジンギスカン だるま

Daruma style, Genghis Khan (Mongolian style Mutton BBQ) refers to grilling the meat on top of a custom-made dome shaped grill.

When you are seated, the staff sets a small charcoal grill call “Shichirin(七輪)” and dome shaped grill in front of you, put prepared vegetables and mutton suet on the grill and then plate of meat plate (First plate of vegetable ¥170).

You might be surprised that the food comes before ordering, but this is Daruma style!Do not forget to try our hidden specialty “Homemade Kimchi” too!

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